Wrapping up our time in Paris…

From Gov. Gregoire:

I truly thought that once we wrapped up our work at the Paris Air Show, my schedule might calm down a bit. I was also confident the sun would finally come out! Boy was I wrong on both fronts…  Day 3 in Paris was just as busy as the last two – and covered a wide range of Washington industries, from renewable energy, to automotive technology to life sciences. And we raced from meeting to meeting in rain showers, yet again… What a whirlwind — but one that I remain optimistic will lead to future expansion, and ultimately job growth, down the road.

I started my day joined by Carl Adrian – the leader of the economic development engine for the Tri-Cities area. We met with the CEO of Areva – a company with a strong presence in the Mid-Columbia area – to discuss possible expansion. Areva is a leader in renewable energy – and a company looking to grow. This was a good opportunity to remind Areva executives the advantages of expanding here, and encourage them to work with us they grow their company.

That meeting was followed by two important meetings for our delegates representing our automotive technology sector. I was able to introduce them to executives at Renault and Peugoet – two major car manufacturers – and gave them the opportunity to sell their products. Our Washington automotive companies are incredibly innovative and impressive – and the rest of the world needs to hear about them! They sure did today… I ended my day with a second meeting with a renewable energy company, followed by a discussion on life-sciences with a Paris organization leading in cancer research to explore ways we could work together in the future.

I have to say that Paris was nothing but a major success. I’m still thrilled with the meetings conducted at the Paris Air Show – they were incredibly helpful in sharing the advantages of Washington state when it comes to aerospace – and we left with some fantastic announcements! And today’s agenda was equally as important.

Tomorrow we head to Germany! Early!! I have a 4 a.m. wake-up call to leave the hotel at 5 a.m. And once we land – it’s right to work! We head straight to our first event – an international life sciences summit in Hannover. At least the forecast calls for sun! I’ll have more updates soon….


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