Absolutely Amazing!

From Mary Kaye Bredeson, Director, Center of Excellence for Aerospace:

Absolutely Amazing! These two words do not even come close to the collective feelings shared by those of us who are here at the 49th Paris Air Show representing “Air Washington”. The exhibits, the networking opportunities, viewing the latest and greatest emerging trends and more importantly, witnessing the fierce competition from 15 other states who are here to win aerospace OEMS and the supply chain companies that support them. Their presence and keen exhibits truly exemplify their intentions of pulling out all the stops to lure not only our aerospace companies but others as well to do business in their state. I only hope our related message that we will be bringing back to Washington “do not take our aerospace jobs for granted” is listened to and acted upon.

The last few days we have been privileged to watch and hear our Governor meet with Aerospace leaders and many International Aerospace companies touting the collaboration that the Washington State legislature and the Governor herself accomplished this last session in support of Aerospace jobs and training in Washington. She is listening to what industry needs. This makes a difference to those companies here selling their products and services. Air Washington is here to share the same message. Come to Washington, we not only listen, we act on it! I concur with a statement made recently by Dr. William Bonaudi, President of Big Bend Community College, Moses Lake, and Board Chair of the Center of Excellence for Aerospace Advisory Board, “When we’re successful in interpersonal interactions its usually because we actively listen at least as much as we speak.  Working with the international aerospace community is the opportunity to practice these skills to the utmost.  We have great talent to offer and will be successful only if we listen carefully to the needs and concerns of our aerospace community.  I’m impressed with the collection of talent represented by all of our aerospace colleges and our ability to collaborate to offer the best services found anywhere.”


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