What a day…

From Gov. Chris Gregoire:

24 hours. 25 aerospace companies. About 100 executives. That pretty much sums up our time at the Paris Air Show. After spending two 12-hour, rain-soaked days at the show – I’m feeling relief and extreme satisfaction. I’m incredibly pleased with the positive tone of each of our business meetings, and I’m convinced that the world’s most successful aerospace companies fully know the advantages of doing business in Washington state. We set out to create new jobs for Washingtonians — and we know we have had immediate success. From the announcement by Heath Tecna – to Dassault’s decision to locate it’s NW hub in Seattle, our aerospace industry has grown during our time in Paris. That doesn’t even include Boeing’s $10+ billion in new contracts during the first day! And we know the long-term benefits of trade missions like these often take months to develop.

I certainly thank our talented and hard-working delegation. They braved heavy rain-showers, long train rides and massive crowds to help sell our highly-trained workforce and our expertise in aerospace. They have truly been fabulous to work with, and have represented Washington well.

Tomorrow we wrap up our last day in Paris! Our focus will shift a bit as we look to grow and expand our renewable energy, automotive and life-sciences sector. More to come soon!


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