Arrived in Paris!

From Gov. Gregoire:

After a couple of days in Spain – I finally arrived in Paris this afternoon and was greeted by an impressive group of Washington delegates joining me on this trade mission. We had a great discussion this evening to go over my goals of the trip – and equally as important, go over theirs. Fortunately – we all arrived with the same goal – and that’s to expand business, attract foreign investment and ultimately grow jobs. I’m confident that the people joining me will be incredibly effective in achieving what we set out to do.

The next 2 days are jam packed with nearly 2 dozen face-to-face meetings with major aerospace company executives. I keep telling my staff – with the amount of walking and talking I’m doing while at the show – they’ve planned my death march! They don’t seem to have much sympathy – they keep reminding me that I pledged to work hard over the next 18 months to improve our economy. And they’re holding me to it!

While I know the Paris Air Show means long days and a lot of work – I’m truly looking forward to it. No state has the potential like Washington state when it comes to growing our aerospace industry. No other state can say they have companies that not only manufacture planes, but build the seats we sit on, create the tires a plane lands on, develop the brakes to help with landing, install the entertainment systems we watch mid-flight… the list goes on. That’s an incredible story to share – and one that international aerospace companies pay attention to.


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