Wrapping up the first leg…

From Gov. Gregoire:

Day two started off on a good note — I got my luggage back! I also started the day with a good discussion with some of Spain’s leaders in high speed rail, and rode a high speed Talgo train (Talgo has built many of the trains on our Amtrak lines) to the old village of Toledo. By car on a good day, it’s more than an hour drive from Madrid. On high speed rail — about 20 minutes. More affirmation that we need to push for more high speed rail in our area!

While in Toledo, I met with the CEO of Iberdrola — a growing green energy company looking to futher expand. I had a very productive meeting with him, and discussed further ways Washington state can ensure we attract Iberdrola and other green energy companies to expand and create jobs here.

I wanted to share a quick video from yesterday! When I met with executives at Dragados – they assured me the deep-bore tunnel they will soon begin to construct in Seattle would be completed on-budget. When I asked about on-time – they said no problem – and said their work on the last tunnel they completed proves they meet deadlines!

Off to Paris tomorrow!


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